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Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White

Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White

Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White

  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White
  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White
  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White
  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White
  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White
  • Asics NetBurner FF MT 2 indoor shoes Peacoat-White

Price 135,90 €


Model: NetBurner Ballistic FF MT 2
Technologies: Flytefoam
N.C RUBBER Outsole
California Lasting
FLUIDRIDE™ midsole
GEL™ Technology
The NETBURNER BALLISTIC FF 2 MT shoe is recommended for court sports such as volleyball and floorball. MT model is bit higher fro ankle than original one. This model evolves the GEL-NETBURNER MT style lineage even further with advanced componentry that promotes a more flexible fit and greater durability. This shoe is designed with sleek ridges of polyurethane rubber over the toes for added protection and durability, while enabling improved flexibility in the forefoot, all without forgoing any of its signature support. The supportive internal heel counter helps deliver a locked-in feel to inspire confidence while making abrupt cuts on court. Injected with FLYTEFOAM Propel technology in the midsole, this shoe delivers a bouncy response with cushioned underfoot comfort. Designed to ensure stability, the integration of TWISSTRUSS technology also equips athletes with more agility and speed during abrupt twisting or pivoting motions. Equipped with deeper flex grooves in the outsole to enhance traction on-court, the NETBURNER BALLISTIC FF 2 volleyball shoe supplies technology that increases flexibility and resilience. FLYTEFOAM Propel technology in the midsole, this shoe delivers a bouncy response with cushioned underfoot comfort TWISTRUSS technology also equips athletes with more agility and speed during abrupt twisting or pivoting motions Deeper flex grooves in the outsole to enhance traction on-court
FLYTEFOAM delivers lightweight and highly functional cushioning unlocking speed to this Asics shoe. It is approx 55% lighter material and it has approx 76% better cushioning qualities.
Combined with the improvements that respond to internal twist, TWISTRUSS™ technology helps to minimize external twist and bend and can help create up to 9% faster cutting speed. The science of TWISTRUSS™ technology provides improved bend and twist which minimizes power loss when the foot is bending and twisting. It resists torsion with rigid integrity and returns energy for faster side to side motion. With slits that promote bending flexibility in the direction of internal twists, TWISTRUSS™ technology provides improved support for every bend and twist.
Indoor sports often involve sudden starting and stopping. So N.C. RUBBER™ has been developed by Asics to realize a grip for instantaneous stepping movements and abrasion resistance for repeated stepping movements. N.C. RUBBER™ is a material that realizes grip and durability at the same time, which are required in court sports. It improves performance in movements requiring quick turns and jumps. Natural rubber with a good grip and synthetic rubber with excellent abrasion resistance are combined. This rubber delivers a good grip against various directions through optimal design.
The resin TRUSSTIC™ is used in the middle part of the Asics sole. This structure gives shoes stability by preventing them from twisting during movement with shapes designed according to the motion characteristics in the sport and the purpose of the shoes. The shape of the TRUSSTIC™ is tailored to the type of shoe according to the motions used in the sport to keep the shoes from twisting.
California Lasting technology provides you with steadfast stability.
FLUIDRIDE midsole reduces strain and improves performance when running or walking by incorporating rebound and shock absorption into a lightweight shoe. A twin-layer structure is made of lightweight Solyte™ and high bounce SpEVA™. The cushioning properties of Solyte™ absorb impact when striking the ground, while the rebound qualities of SpEVA™ enhance movement into the next step.
Asics has been long know as pioneer of GEL™ Technology. GEL pads reduces impact, increases shock absorption and is strategically placed for maximum comfort.
ORTHOLITE is Asics open cell foam insole for footwear. OrthoLite insoles offer the ultimate in comfort, cushioning and breathability.
Asics MT shoes are higher than normal supportin your ankle in turns, stops and jumps.

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